How to Learn Chemistry by Using a Donkey Bridge

How to Learn Chemistry by Using a Donkey Bridge. CHEMISTRY is a subject that is less in demand by students. Because the science of chemistry is abstract and rote a lot. The main problem that is often faced in chemistry learning is how to convey difficult material to be easy, and the abstract to be concrete. 

How to Learn Chemistry by Using a Donkey Bridge
How to Learn Chemistry by Using a Donkey Bridge

Most students seem to be fluent in solving problems in groups, when asked to do it themselves they are confused about finding a solution. On material of a rote nature, many students have difficulties. Students must be lured by the teacher to want to like chemistry lessons. Namely using How to Learn Chemistry by Using a Donkey Bridge

Definition of Chemistry

Chemistry is not absolute to memorize, but rather understood. Memorizing the names of chemical elements in SPU is a basic skill that students must master. However, many students do not memorize the names of chemical elements Teachers try to make an easy memorization practice method by using donkey bridges.

Chemical matter in the periodic system of elements is a series of chemical sub-materials composed of atomic structure and periodic table. In the periodic table the elements consist of horizontal rows called periods, while upright (vertical) lines are called groups.

The periodic table to be studied is the elements of group IA-VIIIA. Memorizing the names of elements in SPU can help in understanding voltage series,  ion  and covalent bonds,  metal bonds, electrolyte and  non-electrolyte solutions, oxidation states and salt formation reactions. 

Understanding the Donkey Bridge Method

Donkey bridge is one of the mnemonic techniques that many people like because it is simple, memorable and fun. The donkey bridge is an alternative method that has been used for a long time so that anyone can quickly memorize something easily. 

In the manufacture of donkey bridges, classes are divided into groups of 4–5 students heterogeneously. The teacher frees the students to be creative in determining the theme of the donkey bridge that the students will use to memorize the SPU. The teacher only gives signs so that in making donkey bridges according to their respective creativity but using polite language.

How to Learn Chemistry by Using Donkey Bridges

Learning chemistry using an elemental donkey bridge is carried out by considering aspects of the accuracy and creativity of shiva Examples of donkey bridges to memorize chemical elements in SPU are as follows: 

The flow of stages of How to Learn Chemistry using a Donkey Bridge

Group A (down): Gol IA : H-Li-Na-K-Rb-Cs-Fr (Hji LiNa Kawin Robi Cs Frustrating) 

Gol IIA : Be-mg-Ca-Sr-Ba-Ra (Buy Mango Mixed Soursop Bawa Rambutan) 

Goal IIIA : B-al-Ga-In-Tl-Uut (Bang Ali Handsome InTelek Usaha utang) 

IVA Goal : C-Si-Ge-Sn-Pb-Uuq (Curhat Si Fat Seneng Plembungan  Untuq) 

VA Goal : N-P-As-Sb-Bi-Uup (Shoot Girlfriend From Patience Can, Uups!) 

Goal VIA : O-S-SE-TE-PO-UUH  (People Like to Always Call, Uuh!) 

VIIA Goal : F-Cl-Br-I-At-Uus (Iri Ati ngUruse New Pants Festival) 

Goal VIIIA : He-Ne-Ar-Kr-Xe-Rn-Uuo  (Excited Arab Country Because  of  Its Queen's Xeksi, WUuow!) 

The provision of an elemental donkey bridge in addition to making students easily memorize the names and symbols of elements, can also shape the character of students to have skills, namely collaboration, communication with confidence, creative, innovative, leadership spirit. 

Because this learning uses funny words, so that learning becomes more fun, it is hoped that students will be more enthusiastic about memorizing and can master the Periodic System of Elements (SPU) material in particular and other memorization materials in general. 

Thus the admin article on How to Learn Chemistry by Using a Donkey Bridge. Hope it is useful.

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