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What is Insurance?

Insurance is a written agreement between the client (the insured) which transfers risk to an insurance company who is willing to accept the transfer of risk and accept premium contributions and agrees to pay compensation if the insured is involved in an accident covered by insurance. company/Losses suffered by the insurance policy.

Types of insurance in Indonesia

The forms of insurance in Indonesia include:

1. Life Insurance

This type of insurance is known to provide financial benefits to the insured in the event of death. Payment systems for this type of life insurance also vary: there are some insurance companies that offer payment after death and others allow policyholders to request funds before death.

2. Health insurance

This type of insurance is also known by the people of Indonesia. Health insurance is an insurance product that handles the insured's health problems due to illness and bears the cost of the treatment process. Generally, the cause of the insured's illness whose costs can be borne by the insurance company are injuries, disability, death due to an accident. It is also known that health insurance is issued not only for the benefit of the insured or for the benefit of the insured. third party interests.

3. Motor vehicle insurance

The most popular motor vehicle insurance in Indonesia is a type of motor vehicle insurance that focuses on dependents for other people's injuries or damage to other people's vehicles caused by the insured. insured motor vehicle.

4. Home and Property Insurance

As an asset that is considered quite valuable, homeowners generally protect themselves and their property, which may be a house or personal property, with home and property insurance. the insured's property.

5. Education insurance

This is the most popular and preferred insurance policyholders. Education insurance is the best alternative and solution to ensure a better life, especially in the legacy of children's education. The premium paid by the insured to the insurance company varies according to the level of education that will be obtained in the future.

6. Business Insurance

This insurance is a protection service against damage, loss or loss in large quantities that may occur to your business. This insurance provides compensation for damage caused by fire, explosion, earthquake, lightning, flood, hurricane, rain, collision, riot.

7. Damage insurance

Damage insurance is protection against the risk of loss or loss of services and civil liability to third parties. This damage insurance coverage is short term (usually about one year). Damage insurance can be classified into several types, including: Social insurance This type of insurance is insurance that must be owned by every person or resident to have old age insurance Voluntary insurance ( Voluntary insurance) This insurance is carried out voluntarily. This type of voluntary insurance can be divided into 2 classifications, namely government insurance and commercial insurance.

8. Credit insurance

Credit insurance is protection against the risk of non-payment by borrowers of credit lines or cash loans such as working capital, trade credit and the like and is closely related to banking services, especially in the sector.

9. Marine Insurance

This type of insurance is specifically in the marine sector whose function is to guarantee the carrier and the owner of the cargo. The risks that may arise in the formation of this insurance are cargo damage, ship damage and injury to passengers. Marine insurance or ship insurance is a transfer of risk for you and your baggage using the services delivery.

10. Travel insurance

The function of travel insurance is not much different from the function of ordinary insurance as a form of protection for customers with a short period of time, namely -as long as the premium buyer visits when he returns home. The benefits and protection that you will get from travel insurance include: others are protected and cover the cost of accidents that befall premium buyers, personal accident compensation, emergency medical expenses, repatriation of bodies, medical evacuation, protection against baggage at risk of loss or damage.

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